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How to Start Online School in 2022

Speaker(s): Juntae Delane

Delaware, Middletown


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About live lesson

In this lesson, we will learn about the online school creation process.
Here, you will find the answers to the following questions:

  • Why/How to start an online course?
  • How to choose your business model?
  • How to select your subject and topic?
  • How to create your website?

What you'll learn

The power of the Internet and technologies is great in the educational industry. It provides a chance to create the required content and engage a huge market audience. 

If you start school online now, you will reach more potential learners tomorrow and achieve success throughout the time.


Included lessons

Some people still wonder about what online school is. This is a type of education through digital channels in the virtual platform. That is why the term virtual school is also popular among the people in this industry. 

The greatest advantage of online school is that all these virtual classes are taken online and both teacher and students may join from anywhere. 

Online schooling is preferable for the students for whom traditional learning is not a good fit, for instance:

  • learners who like the flexible scheduling
  • previously homeschooled students
  • students who prefer personalized education
  • people who look for new challenges
  • advanced learners
  • career-focused students
  • students struggling to overcome learning difficulties
  • people with health issues

As you have already found out, one of the reasons to choose virtual schooling is the demand. Many people prefer online over traditional learning.


Why Start Online Schooling?


People seek to learn online as:

  • There is no time or distance limitations
  • No kind of fixed age for learning
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Convenience both for teacher and learners
  • No obligation, independence on choosing subject matters, the industry, and even the teacher

Starting your online school in 2021, you may start your own online business -  a really exciting journey to help others and be appreciated in turn.

Online teaching is an eLearning business and you should choose its model in advance. This will help to identify the way your school makes money.

Here you may have a few options:

Membership. In this option, you offer your services for a period of time. Students need to choose a plan and make payment. Then they will have access to the material for a specific time you offer. It may be a monthly or yearly membership plan.

Along with the standard plans, you may make some special offers, sales, and similar exclusive options to engage more people and extend your audience. All the students need is to learn how to sign up for online school and choose a pricing plan to subscribe to.

Individual Class Payment. For this offer, your students need to pay for every single lesson. 

So, they may stop it any time just not paying for the next class. This is especially effective for beginner teachers. In this way, people won’t worry about paying a significant amount of money. They pay only for a single private lesson. If they don’t like they stop. Such an approach decreases the risk to a minimum. 

Once you get a reputation and people know you are a qualified specialist, you may go onto other models if you find it appropriate.

This version is also effective for online courses. Students pay for a video course and it is always available for them as far as the teacher runs the platform.

Certificate Monetization. Some platforms help to offer free teaching services. Students pass the courses but in order to get a certificate of completion, they need to make a payment.

No matter which business model you choose, you will incur a host of expenses in the form of software subscriptions, legal fees, etc. Therefore, as a business owner, it is very important to track and manage business spend as it happens to understand your finances and stay profitable.


One of the most critical points in online teaching is choosing your niche. This is the field you are experienced in and would like to share your skills. Besides, the topic you choose should also be required in the market. 

Whether you choose to be a yoga trainer, language teacher, marketing consultant, or online business coach, your courses should be in demand in order to engage the audience and provide income.

By choosing a specific niche, you make a distinction and stand out among the competitors, narrowing down your audience. If you are specialized in a chosen niche, people tend to trust you more as they feel you own more detailed knowledge and are a master in that specific sphere.

Before making the final decision make sure to implement detailed research of the market. Learn the complexity and competition in the sphere. Know the available courses that are the same or similar to what you teach. Clearly imagine how difficult it will be to gain students in the field you are going to choose.

A specific subject or topic is also advantageous in regard to the fact that you offer a course in a niche that is not so much present in the market. Accordingly, the competition is not so high and your courses will become popular more easily.


Juntae Delane